About Us

Leslie Coleman


My earliest memories are those with animals–catching frogs and turtles and lightning bugs, chasing neighborhood cats, and playing with whatever dog I could find. I’ve always had cats and a dog, and throughout the years I’ve had everything from rabbits and birds to a 60-gallon saltwater aquarium.

I made the decision to open At Your Bark and Call after noticing the high demand for pet services and began pet sitting and dog walking professionally in 2011 in Fort Collins, CO. In May of 2013, I moved myself and the business to Denver.

Presently, Nate and I have an eleven-year-old Standard Poodle named Amos and four Persian cats, Olga, Opal, Paisley, and Norma. They are like children to me and you can rest assured that yours will be treated like family too.




Nate Mooney


Animals are the main sources of joy of my life. I communicate with them in a loving way, and you can know that yours will always receive the absolute best of care from me. Safety is my first, second, and third priority.

Running is one of my favorite hobbies and when I joined At Your Bark and Call in May 2015, I added dog running to our services. This way your dogs can get the exercise they need and feel their best all day long, every day, even when you are busy.

I would love to care for your animal family! We have a really great time and lots of fun together.



In loving memory of Greta 4/20/2010-10/18/2015

& Bella 2003-1/29/2017Bella Greta