Initial Consultations

Complimentary consultations are scheduled for 30 minutes and we will use this time to ensure that we are the right match for your pets. We will discuss care instructions for your pet, review required paperwork, and we will collect house keys at this time. Additional meetings can be scheduled for $15. This includes additional visits for alarm instruction, new key exchange, etc.


Two house key copies are to be picked up at the initial consult and, if requested, returned to the owner one time at no charge. Future pickups and drop offs will be charged $10 each-way. Keys are kept on file with no identifiable information which will make emergency and other short notice bookings worry-free. A fee of $15 will be incurred if two key copies are not made available at the initial consult. This will cover the time and costs associated with making a key copy, plus an additional visit to verify that the key works before beginning any period of service.


To avoid being charged, midday dog walks must be cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, non-holiday pet sitting services must be cancelled with at least 48 hours notice, and holiday pet sitting during the week of Thanksgiving and the week of, before AND after Christmas, along with Easter, Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day, and Labor Day weekend require a 2-week cancellation notice. If you wake up sick or decide to work from home one morning, your dog would still love to have its scheduled walk or outdoor playtime. If this is the case, then we would appreciate a text or email so that we are not startled with someone in the home.

Visit Times

We do our best to accommodate your preferences, however, exact visit times are not guaranteed. For pet sitting, morning visit hours are 7AM – 10AM, 10AM – 4PM for midday visits, and 5PM – 9PM for evening visits. Weekday midday dog walks are scheduled from 10AM to 4PM, Monday – Friday. Visits made outside of these hours will be charged at the rate of dog sitting.

Schedule Confirmation

It is the client’s responsibility to confirm visit dates via text or email at least 24 hours prior to his/her departure for any pet sitting duties. 

1st Visit Check Ins

Clients will be contacted via text or email after the first visit for any period of pet sitting.

Dog Walking

We typically walk about ¾ mile for each 25 min. dog walking visit. Walks may be shortened and substituted with indoor playtime in the case of thunderstorms, heavy rain, blizzard conditions, and extreme cold. 

Birds, Fish, & Other Animals

In addition to cats and dogs, we are available to care for small birds, fresh and saltwater fish, rodents, small mammals, and other animals.

Emergency Plan

It is strongly recommended that clients have a backup plan in the case that we are unable to fulfill any pet sitting/dog walking duties due to unavoidable circumstances such as severe illness or injury, family emergency, or any act of nature that prevents us from physically making it to your home. We have AWD vehicles and have yet to have an issue with weather.

Aggressive Animals

Pet sitting contracts may be canceled at any time if the pet exhibits aggressive behaviors that we consider to be too dangerous for continuation of visits. In cases like these, we will try to make contact with the owner and if unsuccessful, the emergency contact person will be notified, followed by transfer of services to a boarding facility in which the pet owner will assume full responsibility of any fees incurred by such facility.


All pet sitting services must be paid for in full at time of booking. Payment can be made via Paypal (client covers service fees) or by mailing or delivering a check. As soon as we receive payment, requested services will be scheduled. Daily dog walking services are to be paid for by cash or check at the end of each calendar month.

Mailing Address: At Your Bark and Call, 5076 Raleigh Street, Denver, CO 80212

Paypal Address: barkandcallpetsit@yahoo.com


Dog Walking:     10 min: $10                                   25 min: $15             40 min: $22

Dog Running:     10 min: $15                                  25 min: $22              40 min: $29

Dog Sitting:        10 min (midday ONLY): $10       25 min: $18              40 min: $25               55 min: $32

Cat Sitting:         20 min: $15 (flexible hours)        Before 10AM or after 4PM  –  25 min: $18

Transport to OR from groomer/veterinarian/daycare/boarding or supply pickup (food, litter): $15

                                                      *$2/additional dog, $1/cat*


Visits on the following holidays will be charged an additional $5: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, & Christmas Day.